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Developing young leaders through domestic cultural exchange

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Our Vision

America grows more geographically, socioeconomically, and digitally divergent. Cross-cultural leaders understand people with different values, beliefs, and backgrounds. AYLX seeks to to develop these young leaders through sustained immersion and exploration of American communities beyond their hometowns. 

Communication Workshops & Coaching

Workshops & Coaching

American teens are empowered to become cultural ambassadors with communication workshops and personal coaches, preparing and guiding them through their new environments.

Domestic Exchange

Domestic Cultural Exchange

American teens 14-18 years old pair-up 1-to-1 to live with each other’s families to explore America’s cultural diversity through the eyes of another American family. Exchanges are 3-weeks during the summer or during the fall or spring school semester.

Scholarship &

AYLX is a completely free scholarship program. AYLX covers travel expenses and awards a stipend to students who qualify. 

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3-Week Exchange: Summer 2022
Semester Exchange: Fall 2022

30 Jun 2022
3-Week Exchange: Summer application closes
15 June - 30 - July 2022
Summer exchange leadership workshops
June - August 2022
3-Week Exchange: Summer 2022
15 July 2022
Semester Exchange: Fall application closes
15 July 2022
Semester Exchange: Fall application closes
30 July 2022
Final fall applicants learn of their acceptance
15 July - 30 August 2022
Fall exchange leadership workshops
August - December 2022
Semester Exchange: Fall 2022