AYLX Principles

We practice what we teach. It begins with the Executive Director and goes all the way through to the Regional Coordinators and Accountants. We embody our principles and hold each other accountable.

  • Foster your curiosity – Growth begins when a person accepts that they do not know enough; observe, listen, question, and withhold judgment.
  • Lead from the front – In front is where leaders set the example: Be seen, go first, and set the tone. 
  • Communicate openly – Our words, faces, and body language are imperfect ways to convey our thoughts and feelings so we have to consistently work on improving how people receive our messages. Over-communication is better than under-communication.
  • Learn by doing: We learn by doing: first hand, and in person. 
  • Help each other grow – We see ourselves in certain ways and other people see us in other ways. Together we help each other grow into the individuals we want to be.  
  • Take responsibility – To have the bravery to admit one’s fallibility. 
  • Know thyself – Constantly foster your ability to look inward and analyze your assumptions.