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Top tier colleges and scholarship seek applicants with diverse experiences

The United States Military Academy at West Point develops leaders of character to serve as 2nd lieutenants in the US Army. Its application asks candidates to demonstrate how their personal experiences would lead to success when asked to lead diverse teams.

USMA's essay question

Leadership development

The 3Cs of leadership are Competence, Character, and Compassion. Venturing outside of their parents’ home helps develop a young adult’s compassion and character through exposure therapy. In-person, mutual experiences over an extended period of time within diverse environments are fundamental to developing empathy and interpersonal skills.


Scholarships look for applicants who stand out. A cultural exchange allows a student to demonstrate their cross-cultural leadership skills and civic engagement.

Students explore beyond their home in a supported environment

Giving your child the freedom to explore their potential while protecting them is a difficult balance to strike. AYLX connects your family with a host family who, in effect, becomes an extended family with a vested interest in your child as you would in their child.  

Graduation, 3 Students

The AYLX Alumni Network

After their exchange students maintain and strengthen their relationships with their new friends and host communities through the AYLX Alumni Network, offering access to a continually growing community of leaders, lending support, and opening doors to professional opportunities.