How does the 1-for-1 exchange work?

Two families will pair together and host each other’s children. Our goal is to have more than one AYLX exchange student from different home schools at any one host school so they can serve as each other’s support network.

How much does it cost to the student?​

Nothing. To ensure any student can participate, AYLX is completely free! Qualified students will be awarded a scholarship stipend spend during their exchange semester. AYLX will provide transportation to and from their host family, though we welcome parents/guardians who wish to take their student to the host family to meet them in person too!

Can the student choose where they will go?

Since the exchange is one-for-one student/host, the destinations are constrained to the locations of the other participants. AYLX will work with the student and their parents/guardians to factor their preferences along with the socioeconomic/cultural factors to ensure an enriching and diverse experience.

How do we ensure a student's safety? ​

Student safety is AYLX’s primary priority. AYLX has a rigorous vetting process for host families and communities. These include background checks, home inspections, and continuous communication between all parties. In addition to our program-wide safety initiatives, we also facilitate ongoing communications between host families, students, and educators.  


Host Family Background Checks – During the Host/Home Family application process we run full criminal background checks on all adults who reside in the home. 


Host Home Inspections – AYLX conducts an inspection of the host family’s living situation to ensure that it meets the student’s basic needs. 


Host & Home Family Connection – Before the program begins, AYLX facilitates Host-to-Home Family video calls to establish a communication plan for the semester. 


Frequent Check-Ins – AYLX conducts regular, separate check-ins with students and host families throughout the semester.


Student & Host Family Handbooks – Prior to their exchanges the student and the host family are provided handbooks that provide guidelines and best practices to help ensure the student and host family have a safe and rewarding exchange.

How do rolling applications work?​

AYLX will evaluate applications as we receive them within the application window and will reach out for interviews within two weeks of applying and provide a program acceptance decision within six weeks. Student – Host Family pairing will occur following that.

Are host families paid?

Host families are not paid. Because AYLX is a one-for-one exchange another family hosts your student while you host theirs. This is designed to ensure that host families build connections with each other as well as with their exchange student.

How will class credits be considered?

Once the student is accepted into the program AYLX will work with them and their school counselors to ensure the home school will validate the exchange school’s classes for credits.

Can the student or parent/guardians visit each other during the exchange semester?​

AYLX does not encourage students or parents/guardians to visit each other during the semester. This would help ensure full cultural immersion for the students to spend the entire semester with their host family and exchange school. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis, such as home family emergencies.  

AYLX does not ask about legal status nor does it factor into the selection process.

How does the scholarship stipend work?

In addition to receiving coaching and covering travel expenses, qualified AYLX students are awarded up to a $1000 stipend over the course of the exchange. 

What kind of support resources will the exchange Student have?

Host Family – An exchange student’s host family is their first source of support.


AYLX Coach – Students can rely on an AYLX Leadership Coach to help guide them through their exchange experience, reflect on their interactions with their exchange community, and hone their communication techniques.


AYLX Regional Coordinator – Their role is to interact with the host school’s counselors and teachers regarding student credits, policies, and lunch programs, etc…


Other AYLX Students – A host school will have more than one AYLX student from other schools that will form a cohort to serve as each other’s support network.

Will my Student have medical coverage while on exchange?

Yes. AYLX leaders are provided with secondary medical coverage via traveler’s insurance to ensure that, in the case of an emergency, students will be treated as soon as possible. Host families will possess a Limited Power of Attorney from the student’s parents/legal guardians.

What is AYLX's COVID-19 policy?

AYLX asks all COVID-19 vaccine eligible applicants to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before their acceptance into the program. Further details can be found in our AYLX COVID Policy